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Chiropractic gives you a safe, effective way to help your body heal. We use specific, gentle adjustments that correct subluxations (mis-alignments in the spine that affect your nerve system). By restoring your normal nerve function, your body will regain the ability to heal from the inside out so that you not only have fewer symptoms and less pain but better function, health and performance.

Some subluxations, however, are considered silent, as they do not produce any outwardly noticeable symptoms. These silent subluxations still effect the body, by decreasing the body’s ability to communicate with itself and interrupting the proper flow of the nervous system.

Signs of these silent subluxations usually occur after the problem has been there for some time, and can occur as early as birth! Common signs of these subluxations are frequent colds or illnesses, acid reflux, digestive problems, asthma, and high stress/anxiety.

With gentle adjustments, improved nerve system function has the potential to improve many health challenges because the nerve system controls the function and healing of every cell and tissue in your body!

You might also find you have greater energy, better sleeping patterns and an increased ability to cope with stress. Research has consistently shown reduced levels of stress hormones and improved brain function after adjustments whether the patient had pain or not.

How Do I Know If I Need a Chiropractor?
If you’re thinking that you could need to see a chiropractor without being in pain, you’re right. There are other signs that your body is trying to tell you that it needs help, such as:
- Chronic or recurring tension or fatigue
- Feeling less than 100% function or health
- Improper posture
- Poor flexibility

Bad posture indicates that there may be a problem with spinal misalignments that are causing nerve interference. These subluxations can reduce your body’s ability to function and heal.


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